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Albarran Cabrera

Albarran Cabrera – from “This is You (here)” – © Albarran Cabrera Albarran Cabrera Official Site

Rutger Ten Broeke

Rutger Ten Broeke – Edith on the Couch, from ‘The nude and the landscape’ portfolio, Baarlo, 1982 – © Rutger Ten Broeke Rutger Ten Broeke Official Site

George Mayer

George Mayer – From “Light, Shadows, Perfect woman – © George Mayer George Mayer biography

Matt Black

Matt Black – Farmworker camp, Alpaugh, California. 2013 – © Matt Black Matt Black Official Site  

Richard Dumas

Richard Dumas – Zoe et Gena Rowlands-Cassavetes, 1991 – © Richard Dumas Richard Dumas Agence VU

Vancso Zoltan

Vancso Zoltan – Figureses, Spain, 1998 – © Vancso Zoltan Vancso Zoltan Official Site

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell – Laura and Brady in the Shadow of Our House, 1994 – © Abelardo Morell Abelardo Morell Official Site

Sabine Weiss

Sabine weiss – Athenes Sellers of bread, Athens, Grece, 1958 – © Sabine Weiss Sabine Weiss Official Site

Floris Neususs

Floris Neususs interview

Lucien Hervé (1910-2007)

Lucien Hervé official site