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Rutger Ten Broeke

Rutger Ten Broeke – Edith on the Couch, from ‘The nude and the landscape’ portfolio, Baarlo, 1982 – © Rutger Ten Broeke Rutger Ten Broeke Official Site

George Mayer

George Mayer – From “Light, Shadows, Perfect woman – © George Mayer George Mayer biography

Katrin Koenning

Katrin Koenning – ‘Forest II / Successions from Astres Noirs’, 2014, East – © Katrin Koenning Katrin Koenning Official Site

Lucinda Bunnen

Lucinda Bunnen – Three points of light, Atlanta, 1979 – © Lucinda Bunnen Lucinda Bunnen biography

Rachel Jump

Rachel Jump – From the series “Origin” – © Rachel Jump Rachel Jump Official Site

Amy Friend

Amy Friend – Latent Light, From the series “Dare alla Luce” – © Amy Friend Amy Friend Official Site

Sanja Marusic

Sanja Marusic – from the series: “Stars and Stones” – © Sanja Marusic Sanja Marusic Official Site

Wayne Gudmundson

Wayne Gudmundson – Saizy, France #7, 2014 – © Wayne Gudmundson Wayne Gudmundson Official Site

Kaja Rata

Kaja Rata – from the series: “It will be a great end of the world” – Copyright Kaja Rata Kaja Rata images

Herbert List (1903 – 1975)

Herbert List biography