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Sergio Purtell

Sergio Purtell – Bogart and Ingraham St., Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, 2013 From the series “Real” – © Sergio Purtell Sergio Purtell Official Site

Guido Guidi

Guido Guidi – Elblag, Pologne, 08.1994 – © Guido Guidi Guido Guidi biography

Peter Weller

Peter Weller – Marienhütte Eiserfeld, Sieg, 1909-1914 From the collection: “Industry as a Motif“

Livia Corona Benjamin

Livia Corona Benjamin – from “Of People and House” – © Livia Corona Benjamin Livia Corona Benjamin Official Site

Mathieu Pernot

Mathieu Pernot -Implosion, Meaux, 24 avril 2004 – from the series “Implosions 2001-2008”  – © Mathieu Pernot Mathieu Pernot Official Site

Harold Allen

Harold Allen – Warehouse Demolition, Philadelphia, 1966 – Copyright Harold Allen Harold Allen at the Stephen Daiter Gallery

Clarissa Bonet

Clarissa Bonet – from “City Space” – Copyright Clarissa Bonet Clarissa Bonet Official Site

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf, from “Architecture of Density” – Copyright Michael Wolf Michael Wolf Official Site

Lucien Hervé (1910-2007)

Lucien Hervé official site

Floriane de Lassée

Floriane de Lassée official site – interview