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Larry Towell

Larry Towell – Noah Towell and his brother Isaac play with family pets, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada, 1999 – © Larry Towell Larry Towell biography

Robert Frank

Robert Frank – Mary with Pablo and Andrea, Mid 1950’s – © Robert Frank Robert Frank biography

Richard Billingham

Richard Billingham – Untitled, 1995, from the Ray’s a Laugh series – © Richard Billingham Richard Billingham biography

Bertrand Carriere

Bertrand Carriere – From the series “Voyage a Domicile”, 1997 – © Bertrand Carriere Bertrand Carriere Official Site

Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894 – 1986)

Jacques Henri Lartigue – Bibi, Freddy, Margot, Aix-les-Bains, juillet 1928 – © Image is copyright of the respective owners, assignees or others Jacques Henri Lartigue biography

Domon Ken

Domon Ken – The Ōtani Family, Survivors of the Atomic Bomb, 1957, from the series “Hiroshima” – © Domon Ken. Domon Ken biography

Delphine Balley

Delphine Balley biography

Tamara Dean

Tamara Dean Official Site

Wouter Schuddebeurs

Wouter Schuddebeurs official site

Hebe Robinson

Il sito ufficiale di Hebe Robinson