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Janieta Eyre

Janieta Eyre – The Christening, from the series “Incarnations”, undated – © Janieta Eyre Janieta Eyre Official Site  

Paolo Ventura

Paolo Ventura – From “Civil War”, 2010 – © Paolo Ventura Paolo Ventura Official Site

Mac Adams

Mac Adams – Fury, 1976, from “The Mysteries”, 1973-1980 – © Mac Adams Mac Adams Official Site

Charlie White

Charlie White – Champion, 2005 – © Charlie White Charlie White biography

Inge Prader

© Inge Prader Inge Prader Official Site

Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman – Untitled #92, 1981 – © Cindy Sherman Cindy Sherman biography

Marta Soul

Marta Soul – Idilio en Apartamento, II – From the series “Idilios” – © Marta Soul Marta Soul Official Site

Sacha Goldbeger official site

Delphine Balley

Delphine Balley biography

Chen Jiagang

Chen Jiagang official site