Tag: collage

Nadine Boughton

Nadine Boughton – Girdle Dance, from the series: “Fortune and the Feminine” – © Nadine Boughton Nadine Boughton Official Site

Angelica Paez

Angelica Paez – From “Surreal Collages”, Pigment of Her Imagination, 2013 – © Angelica Paez Angelica Paez Official Site  

Matthieu Bourel

Matthieu Bourel – Ilda, 2014, handmade collage from c-prints – © Matthieu Bourel Matthieu Bourel Official Site

Peter Piller

Peter Piller – From “Umschläge” series, 2011/2012. Archival pigment print on Alu-Dibond 25 x 33 in – © Peter Piller Peter Piller Official Site

Penelope Slinger

Penelope Slinger – End of the Line 2, 1977 – © Penelope Slinger Penelope Slinger Official Site

Ashkan Honarvar

Ashkan Honarvar – From the series: “The Crust” – © Ashkan Honarvar Ashkan Honarvar Official Site

Vivan Sundaram

Vivan Sundaram – The Hungarian Great Plain, 2001, digital photomontage – © Vivan Sundaram Vivan Sundaram biography

Claude Cahun (1894 – 1954)

Claude Cahun – Aveux non Avenus, Planche III, Montage, 1929-30 – © Image is copyright of the respective owners, assignees or others Claude Cahun biography

Jindřich Štyrský

Jindřich Štyrský – Stěhovací kabinet, 1934 – © Image is copyright of the respective owners, assignees or others Jindřich Štyrský biography

Motohiro Takeda

Motohiro Takeda – From the series “Another Sun”, 2013 – Copyright Motohiro Takeda Motohiro Takeda Official Site