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Florence Henri (1893 – 1982)

Florence Henri – Fille au bord de la mer, Bretagne, 1937 – © Image is copyright of the respective owners, assignees or others Florence Henri biography

Alessandra Sanguinetti

Alessandra Sanguinetti – from “The Adventures of Guille & Belinda” – © Alessandra Sanguinetti Alessandra Sanguinetti Official Site

Vanessa Winship

Vanessa Winship – From the series: Sweet Nothing: Schoolgirls of Eastern Anatolia – © Vanessa Winship Vanessa Winship Official Site

Johan Hagemeyer (American, born The Netherlands, 1884–1962)

Johan Hagemeyer – La fille aux cheveux fin (with apologies), Carmel, 1940 – © The Estate of Johan Hagemeyer Johan Hagemeyer biography  

Oliver Spies

Oliver Spies – from the series “David Hockney’s Pool” – © Oliver Spies Oliver Spies Official Site

Abelardo Morell

Abelardo Morell – Laura and Brady in the Shadow of Our House, 1994 – © Abelardo Morell Abelardo Morell Official Site

Mark Steinmetz

Mark Steinmetz – Carey, Farmington, GA, 1996, from “South East, 1994-2001” – © Mark Steinmetz Mark Steimetz Official Site

Bill Brandt (1904 – 1983)

Bill Brandt – Portrait of a Young Girl, Eaton Place, 1955 – © Image is copyright of the respective owners, assignees or others Bill Brandt biography

Joel Sternfeld

Joel Sternfeld – New Jersey, (#3) May-June 1980 – Copyright Joel Sternfeld Joel Sternfeld biography

Eli Reed

Eli Reed biography