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Jean Dieuzade (1921 – 2003)

Jean Dieuzaide – Nu dans la foret, 1981 – © Image is copyright of the respective owners, assignees or others Jean Dieuzade biography

Agnès Geoffray

Agnès Geoffray – from the series “La Volée” – Copyright Agnès Geoffray Agnès Geoffray Official Site

Yann Mingard

Yann Mingard, Untitled, from the series “Repaires”, 2006-2009 Copyright Yann Mingard Yann Mingard Official Site

Joanna Chudy

Joanna Chudy official site

Natalia Drepina

Tamas Dezso

Tamas Dezso official site

Kim Høltermand (Denmark, 1977)

Kim Høltermand official site

Rutger ten Broeke (Dutch, 1944)

Rutger ten Broeke biography

Michaela Čejková

Michaela Čejková sito ufficiale