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Walter Rosenblum (American, 1919 – 2006)

Manuel Álvarez Bravo (Mexican, 1902-2002)

Harold Feinstein (American, 1931-2015)

Albert Renger-Patzsch (German, 1897-1966)

Frank Paulin (American, 1926)

Southworth and Hawes (American, active 1843–1863)Albert Sands Southworth (American, 1811–1894 Charlestown)Josiah Johnson Hawes (American, 1808–1901)

Serge Lido (France, 1906)

Serge Lido (France, 1906, age 114 years) Simone Signoret, 1950s © Serge Lido

Brett Weston (American, 1911-1993)

Brett Weston (American, 1911-1993) Dune Abstraction, White Sand, 1975 © Image is copyright of the respective owners, assignees or others

Thomas “Tom” Wood (Irish, 1951)

Thomas “Tom” Wood (Irish, 1951) From the series “mothers daughters and sisters”, about 1980s © Tom Wood Irish-born Tom Wood photographed the working-class people of Liverpool for almost three decades — at once affectionate and grimly realistic.

Unknown photographer

Unknown photographer The young Italian actress and former Miss Italia Lucia Bosè is buttoning up her trousers on a beach. Italy, 1949 © Mondadori Portfolio Editorial/Getty Images