Categoria: Fotografi

Wolfgang Suschitzky (Austrian, 1912-2016)

Wolfgang Suschitzky (Austrian, 1912-2016) Washing Strung between Tenements, Dundee, Scotland, 1948

William Henry Jackson (American, 1843-1942)

William Henry Jackson (American, 1843-1942) Echo Cliffs, Grand River Canyon, 1890 photochrome, 26.7 x 52.7 cm Cleveland Museum of Art

Jacques-Henri Lartigue (France, 1894-1986)

Jacques-Henri Lartigue (France, 1894-1986) Renée a Villars de Lans, 1930

Roger Anthoine (1925-2015)

Roger Anthoine (1925-2015) Sans Titre, Région de Charleroi, Belgique, 1955 Tirage argentique

Edouard Boubat (France, 1923-1999)

Edouard Boubat (France, 1923-1999) Little Girl Carrying A Jug, Sardinia, Italy ca.1954

Nita White

Nita White Synchronized dancing at Cimarroncita Ranch Camp, New Mexico, 1940s-1960s Palace of the Governors Photo Archive

Chema Madox (Spain, 1958)

Chema Madox (Spain, 1958) Untitled, 1982 Gelatin silver print © Chema Madox

Koichiro Kurita (Japanese, born 1943)

Koichiro Kurita (Japanese, born 1943) Rock on Gonet, Lozere, France, 1996 Platinum palladium print 19.1 × 26.7 cm © Koichiro Kurita

Allen A. Dutton (American, 1922)

Allen A. Dutton (American, 1922) Karen’s Legs, 1990 © Allen A. Dutton

Chris Steele-Perkins (British, 1947)

Chris Steele-Perkins (British, 1947) On the beach with dog and donkeys. From “The Pleasure Principle”, Blackpool, England. G.B. 1982 © Chris Steele-Perkins/Magnum Photos